Digital Signage Trends 2018

5-th edition of the biggest Digital Signage Conference in CSEE
13th of September 2018

Mariusz OrzechowskiThe DST conference has always been the most important DS event in Poland and I have no doubt that the fifth edition will be the same. This is the only event of the DS industry in Poland and CSEE, where experts from various vertical markets, from retail, banks, telecommunications, airports, museums, offices, healthcare, HoReCa, entertainment and industry, can speak the same "DS language" exchange opinions and experience. It is also an ideal place for everyone who plans to invest in DS systems. See you at DST!

Not only technology is changing, but also the map of DS market, we have new investors, integrators, target group is more demanding, which expects not only information on large screens, but also on mobile devices. There are new trends such as omnichannel, AR, VR, etc. The need for industry education, mutual discussion on the state of the DS market and the upcoming trends remains unchanged, so we are glad that we can once again support the DST conference.

See you at DST!


Mariusz Orzechowski

President of PDSA


Plenary presentations based on case studies for various vertical markets.

The premiere presentation of the first report of the Polish Digital Signage market - Retail and other various vertical markets.

DS Academy - Workshops for beginners

Content Day - 3rd edition of workshops for designers, creators of DS content.

Technology Day - the latest information on screens technology, players, software and all the facilities necessary for the proper operation of DS systems.

Separate networking session in which it is easier to strengthen business relationships in small thematic groups

An evening gala & award ceremony for the best users, investors and DS system providers.

During the jubilee 5th edition of DST, we put emphasis on the exchange of experience and networking!

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