Room 1


8.30-09.45 Registration / welcome coffee

The current state of development of the Digital Signage industry in Poland


Global Digital Signage Market Trends & Drivers

10.40-11.00 Coffee break

Digital storytelling with Digital Signage in Retail


Customer Journey - the role of Digital Signage in creating Customer Experience with added value


Case study of project through the eyes of designer


Omnichannel in the brick-and-mortar store


Sponsor’s dilemma - how to invest wisely and effectively


DS system in ICE Kraków congress center – case study

12.30-12.45 Coffee break

SignageImportance of proper content at Digital Signage - case studies


Corporate Signage


Why is it worth creating ethical advertising messages and how UACC can help


Smart City – how Digital Signage and Sensor change public spaces


Review of the most interesting case studies and used technologies

14.15-14.45 Debate - Digital Signage market in 2020
14.45-15.15 Coffe break/Lunch/Expo hands on/Networking


DOOH panel (room 1)

DS in Museums (room 2)

Technology Day (room 3)

DS Academy (room 4)

17.30-18.00 Debate - The state of development of the DOOH market in Poland
18.00 The end

Expo open throughout the duration of the Conference

Speed Networking
It's the perfect place and opportunity to meet potential partners, make new contacts and share DS experience..

* Lunch
- for those who have paid for the option

Room 1

DOOH Panel


The state of development of the DOOH market in Poland and DOOH Content - examples of the most interesting campaigns




Big Data and persolalization



Prospects for digital advertising and DOOH in Poland


Legal aspects of outdoor advertising

16.30-17.00 Debate on the DOOH market
17.00-17.30 Break

Speed Networking
It's the perfect place and opportunity to meet potential partners, make new contacts and share DS experience.

DOOH Session
For the first time at DST - the DOOH panel. Digital Out Of Home - The advertising market using Digital Signage systems is a significant and constantly growing part of the Digital Signage market. OUTDOOR ads on LED screens and INDOOR ads on various media are now widely visible. They are growing lines in the advertising budgets in many companies. In the field of INDOOR DOOH, present for a long time mainly in shopping malls, fitness centers, electronics stores, pharmacies, medical clinics, airports, railway stations and many other places. Initially, the majority of media were and still are LCD displays, and recently we have been observing new interesting installations based on LED. In the OUTDOOR field, DOOH is slowly replacing or supporting traditional static billboards, but legislation, the landscape art does not fully support the development of this industry. On the other hand, we can observe new media at bus stops, in public transport or in other places in public areas, with interesting advertising campaigns. It is clear to see that DOOH market is growing. However, in special block dedicated to this part of DS market, we will talk about how this market it is perceived by investors, media owners,

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Room 2

DS in Museums

14.45-15.15 Coffee break/Lunch* / Expo Hands on/ Networking

DS workshops in museums and cultural institutions. Digital tools as media between the museum's goals and the needs of audience



Parallel sessions:

DS in Museums - Workshops
For the first time at DST - specialized workshops for employees of museums and all institutions of the world of culture, who are responsible for sharing their resources with the general public. More and more often we see multimedia in museums, it seems that this is a new standard for development direction in this industry. Nevertheless, sometimes there are voices asking whether digital technology is properly used, whether the content used is appropriate. That is why we asked specialists to conduct workshops on this subject, because the wise use of digital technologies requires a good rethinking of their role in the museum and the goals we set for them. The issues of interpretive access to heritage, which focuses on the perspective of selected recipients of the museum's activities, will be presented. We will focus on the needs of contemporary recipients of culture and the possibility of application of new communication technologies in response to these needs. We will present interesting examples of the implementation of digital technologies in museums in Poland and abroad, and we will talk about the latest technologies and trends. At the end we’ll take part in the debate

* Lunch
- for those who have paid for the option

Room 3

Technology Day

14.45-15.15 Coffee break/Lunch*/ Expo Hands on/ Networking

An overview of the latest technologies for Digital Signage systems



Technology Day - Workshops
For the first time at DST - a session dedicated to all those who are responsible in their companies for the technical part or look for inspiration for their ideas in new technologies. LCD displays, projectors or LED modules - all display the image, but when and what to use, what are pros and cons? There are many different CMS systems and players on the market, do they all do the same? Windows, Linux, Android or maybe Raspberry Pi? There will be also an interactive zone, not only with touch monitors, but also various types of sensors, professional mounting systems, or kiosks for both queuing systems and wayfinding. We will also discuss the latest trends such as IoT, AI, AG or face recognition. After the theoretical part and discussion, you will be able to try some solutions during the hands-on sessions at the stands of DST exhibitors.

* Lunch
- for those who have paid for the option

Room 4
14.45-15.15 Coffee break/Lunch* / Expo Hands on/ Networking

DS Academy - workshops

ABC of DS - How to start, quick course of creating DS System, What NOT TO DO

Simple systems “for everyone” vs Professional DS Systems

How to prepare place for DS – few advices from Architects and Designers


* Lunch
- for those who have paid for the option


Digital Signage Expo

Expo /Workshops/ Hands On
Open all day, with pre-organized “hands on” tours at selected booths.



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