On the one hand, networking is a slow proces of building of good relationships, and at the same time can take you in an unexpected direction with new contacts, ideas, inspiration and new knowledge.

What will you gain by participating in the DST Conference:

- effective networking

- a base of new business contacts based on mutual trust and support

- the possibility of establishing new cooperation and feedback exchange

- you have the opportunity to share experience with specialists from the Digital Signage industry


However we know that Networking can be difficilt. Very often there is a barrier to start talking to someone, so during this edition we decided to help overcome these barriers. Apart from the standard, individual possibility of interaction with the speakers and participants of the DST conference we will provide:

- assistance in making contacts in the VIP zone during the conference breaks

- assistance in establishing contacts with exhibitors during the ISCON DST tour

- access to the modern Hosted buyers platform - arranging 1: 1 meetings in a specially dedicated zone during ISCON


Honorary Patronage



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