How many screens do we have in Poland?

At the initiative of PDSA (Polish Digital Signage Association) the work is in progress to “catalog” polish DS market.

For the beginning, the retail sector was taken into consideration.

„DS Report is a first attempt to answer the question where we are. We want this report not only to be expanded to the other industries, locations, but that it will be periodically updated and showing development status of Polish Digital Signage market. We want to show and reward those investors, often pioneers of the Polish DS market, who have been successfully implementing DS systems to their communication with clients. It is worth talking about it, showing successful case studies, encouraging the others to use modern and attractive communication channels.”

– said Mariusz Orzechowski, president of PDSA.


During DST'18, the Digital Signage Report will be presented for the first time, containing a current and detailed picture of the Polish DS retail market, as well as other sectors of DS, such as Banks, Telecommunications, Transport, Museums, Healthcare, Entertainment and much more. The Report is not only numbers, but also interesting case studies, interviews, opinions.



Examples of Digital Signage Installations


KRAKOW - Galeria Serenada Shopping Mall



KRAKOW - Galeria Krakowska Shopping Mall



KRAKOW - Galeria Bronowice Shopping Mall



KRAKOW - Galeria Kazimierz Shopping Mall



WROCLAW - Magnolia Park Shopping Mall



POZNAN - Posnania Shopping Mall



POZNAN - Stary Browar Shopping Mall



more photos soon 

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